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Cheap Tour Ranu Kumbolo Lake Camping Package From Surabaya Airport

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Cheap Tour Ranu Kumbolo Lake Camping Package, From Surabaya Airport

Ranu Kumbolo Lake is a freshwater lake that is under the auspices of the Lumajang Regency, East Java, located in the Tengger Mountains, at the foot of Mount Semeru. This lake has an area of ​​approximately 15 hectares.

Kumbolo Lake Lumajang East Java

For some nature lovers and backpackers, Ranu Kumbolo Lake is a familiar place. Because this lake is a transit point for those who will continue their journey to climb the top of Mahameru on Mount Semeru which is called the highest peak on the island of Java.

With a water debit that is never lacking, Ranu Kumbolo always gets the attention of several climbers to build a tent/camping in this place.

There is its own uniqueness behind the beauty of Ranu Kumbolo, namely when the sun begins to rise between two green hills that appear slowly and make our eyes unable to refuse to enjoy them.

Not to mention the situation of the lake when the fog starts to fall in the afternoon combined with lake water is really an unspoken panorama. When night falls we will be treated to a cluster of stars from the Milky Way galaxy that we are not sure we can see when we are in big cities because of the glare of such bright city lights.

Beside it, there is a hill called “hill of love” which is said if we climb to this hill with the thought of our loved ones without looking back then we can be happy with him. But the higher we climb the more temptation becomes more intense. Because the higher, so the panorama Ranu Kumbolo from the hill will look more beautiful.

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The Ranu Kumbolo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night that we offer to you as follows:

Travel Kumbolo Lake Camping Start Surabaya 

DAY I: Malang City / Surabaya – Ranu Kumbolo (D)

Pick up airport / station Malang, to the village of Ranu Pani in Lumajang with travel by jeep from Cemoro Lawang Probolinggo or overlapping Malang, preparation of licensing arrangements to Ranu Kumbolo which takes approximately 5 hours drive, arrived at Ranu Kumbolo to set up a tent and prepare dinner by our team, you can explore the beauty of Lake Ranu Kumbolo until you arrive to rest.

DAY II: Ranu Kumbolo – Ranu Pane – Malang / Surabaya (B / L)

In the morning you can enjoy the natural beauty that is around Ranu Kumbolo lake camping, by spending all day that you will never forget in each of your trips by taking pictures, etc. After lunch preparations return to Ranu Pani Village. The trip takes less than 4-5 hours. After arriving at Ranu Pani then continued by riding a jeep or vehicle heading back to Malang / Surabaya.

What needs to bring, while trekking and camping at Kumbolo Lake?

Mountain shoes/cats, socks, gloves, jackets, lighting/flashlights/ headlamps, changing clothes, raincoats/ponchos, personal medicines, health certificates, masks and photocopies of ID cards.

Some Conditions

Ranu Kumbolo Lake tour packages can be open Ranu Kumbolo or private tour, depending on the number of participants and your tour period. If you want to custom or a combination with other Wiata objects such as cheap Bromo tour packages, cheap Malang poor tour packages, and other attractions, please contact our admin to discuss Ranu Kumbolo tour packages.

Price Tour Package Kumbolo Lake Camping

  • For complete information on costs or tariffs for this Ranu Kumbolo tour package, please contact the contact number listed on this website

Ranu Kumbolo Camping Package Facility

  • Jeep Transportation
  • Permission to climb
  • Insurance
  • Complete climbing equipment, except personal equipment
  • Team porters (bring tents, cooking equipment, logistics, etc.)
  • Professional Guide
  • Eat during the climb