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Mount Bromo Malang Cheap Tour Packages 2019, Get a lot of Discounts – Do you want to do a tour to Malang Bromo? Looking for the cheapest package in 2019 to get the best service? contact us. Especially for those of you who are looking for a luxury vacation spot to travel with family, then your vacation this time does not need to be confused anymore. Bromo is the right choice to be your tourist spot with family and loved ones.

Mount Bromo Tour is one of the best recommendations suitable for you to visit in order to fill the holiday time. This place can be visited by family, friends or couples. Holidays to Mount Bromo Malang become the right destination as a medium of recreation and relaxation from the boredom of daily routine that often causes fatigue to stress.

Indeed, it can not be underestimated that tourist attractions become an important aspect that must be considered as well as possible so that holidays become fun and memorable. Surely everyone, including you, does not want if a vacation that is supposed to be valuable even feels in vain, because of the wrong choice of place or other mistakes that should be avoided.

Mistakes when on vacation to Bromo can be avoided by using some of Bromo’s best tour package options that have been provided to make your trip easier. Do you want to know what’s interesting about Bromo as well as the tour package? See the following information.

Reasons Why You Should Take a Vacation to Mount Bromo & Malang

The most famous tourist attraction in Malang is Bromo Mountain itself. Mount Bromo is included in the ranks of active volcanoes in East Java, Indonesia. Mount Bromo stretches across four districts, including Malang Regency, Lumajang Regency, Pasuruan Regency, and Probolinggo Regency.

This mountain area is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Many people call Mount Bromo unique because it is shaped like a cone. The form of Mount Bromo consists of valleys and canyons that link directly to a vast sea of ​​sand or caldera, which is 10 square kilometers.

Aside from its beauty, the tradition of the Bromo community is also a special attraction for tourists. There is a Kasodo or Yadnya Kasada ceremony held every full moon on the 14th or 15th of the tenth month (Kasodo) based on the Javanese calendar. This ceremony is usually held at midnight, until early in the morning at the temple which is located under the foot of Mount Bromo.

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In the area of ​​Mount Bromo, there are many entertainment facilities such as horseback riding and driving a jeep around the desert. There are also many types of horses for rent, which can be adjusted to your taste. Likewise with a jeep rental car. The facility is very safe because it is still supervised by experts.

For those of you who want to buy souvenirs typical of Bromo, around the location of Mount Bromo have lined up sellers who peddle various types of merchandise ranging from trinkets such as hats, necklaces, scarves, gloves to typical foods of the Bromo region.

Not only Mount Bromo and Malang that you can visit. There are many other interesting destinations around both, such as Selecta Park, Coban Rondo waterfall, and many more.


You can get cheap Bromo tours if you use tour package facilities. The use of services from travel packages has many advantages, including:

Easily manage travel plans

When on vacation you don’t want to only visit one place, but many places at once. But you often find it difficult to arrange a good sequence of visits to each attraction in Bromo Malang. Not to mention still mess around with transportation and travel routes.

These difficulties can be overcome by using the Mount Bromo Malang package. You don’t need to bother thinking about these things. Tour packages have prepared a list of attractions that will be visited. The list is made by considering the uniqueness of the object and the best time to visit each object.

This tour package also has mastered the travel route and knows well the alternative transportation that can be used to each tourist attraction in Mount Bromo Malang, whether using a car, bus, or by public transportation.

No hassle looking for a place to eat

The stomach is hungry, but fear of choosing the wrong place to eat is also an obstacle when on vacation. But if you use the Bromo Malang tour package you will be guaranteed to get a good place to eat and certainly fit your travel budget.

Don’t bother looking for lodging

For tourists who want to stay at Bromo Malang also do not need to bother looking for lodging, if you already use a tour package. Because service providers already provide alternative lodging in tourism packages. Your stay adjusts your needs with the choice of tour packages offered.

Can adjust travel plans with a budget

When traveling is not uncommon there will be a lot of unexpected expenses. As a result your fund allocation becomes swollen. But this can be minimized if you use a tour package. Because if you use a tour package at least the basic needs when on vacation the details have been made. So you can prepare funds that do need to be spent in advance.


Mount Bromo Tour Malang Packages 2019 Cheapest Prices

Ensuring credibility

The credibility of the tour packages offered will affect the services provided to you. To find out the level of credibility of the tour package, you can gather various information from the testimonies of people who have used the services of the tour package.

Also make sure about the contacts that can be contacted from the tour package service providers, especially if you are looking for tour package services through the website. Make sure that the contact is correct and easy to contact.

Mount Bromo tour packages that we offer certainly meet these requirements. There have been many people who are satisfied with the service we provide. Our tour package services are also easy to contact for transactions and communication.

Pay attention to prices

Before choosing a tour package, first, examine the price offered with a tourist attraction that becomes an option. Also, look at the facilities provided in the tour package. You can compare prices with other tour packages, whether comparable or not, whether including cheap or not. Check further if there is a promo offered so that it can make it cheaper.

Mount Bromo Malang tour packages from us clearly have an affordable price, but still, pay attention to the quality of the selection of tourist objects and facilities provided. Our tour packages also have some special promos. Guaranteed not to lose competitiveness with others.

Choose the appropriate package

The holidays must be enjoyed as well as possible. Therefore, adjust your travel desires with the tour package that you will take. If something is not right, you can try to discuss it with the service provider about the possibility of changing the list of tour packages. After that, make sure the price details are the same or there are changes too. This needs to be done to avoid misunderstanding.

Itinerary Mount Bromo Tour Malang Package 2019

Day 1

  • Pick up in Surabaya, then head to Malang area
  • Malang Batu 2.5 hours travel area
  • Arrival in the Malang area Towards the first tourist visit namely Coban Rondo Waterfall
  • After Quite Satisfied continue towards Jatim Park 2
  • Then Proceed for the next visit to Museum Angkut (or Can CheckIn the Hotel First)
  • After being satisfied, continue to BNS Tourism (Batu Night Spectacular)
  • Then Head for Hotel and Rest

Day 2

  • Breakfast and Continue Picking Apple Apples in Malang
  • Then Continue Towards Batu Souvenirs
  • Having felt Enough, Continuing Towards the Bromo Area
  • Arrival in Bromo Area Check in Hotel and Free Program

Day 3

  • Get up at 3:00 AM in the morning
  • Pick you up at the hotel at 3.30 WIB and Head for Bromo Sunrise Tour, with 4WD Jeep
  • Through the Sea of ​​Sand, drive up to View Point 1 to see Sunrise
  • After being satisfied enough to enjoy Sunrise, return to Jeep 4WD and visit the Luhur Poten Temple, Bromo
  • Crater, Savana Grassland and Whispering Sand
  • Back to the hotel for breakfast, take a break and pack up
  • Check Out from the Hotel at 11:00 AM (adjusted on site)
  • Then after being deemed enough to continue towards Surabaya
  • Arrived in Surabaya Batu-Bromo Malang Tour Program 3 Days 2 Nights Ended

Facilities Mount Bromo Malang Tour Package 

  • Private Transport during the trip
  • BBM, Toll, Parking, Driver
  • 4WD Jeep @ Bromo
  • Entrance Ticket for Malang Batu and Mount Bromo Tour
  • Mineral water
  • 1 Night Hotel @Batu Malang
  • 1 Night Hotel @ Bromo


  • Coban Rondo Waterfall
  • East Java Park 2 or 3
  • Museum Angkut
  • Batu Night Spectacular (BNS)
  • Pick Apple
  • Bromo climb
  • Luhur Poten Temple
  • Mount Bromo Crater
  • Whispering Sand
  • Padang Savana / Bukit Teletubbies

Mount Bromo Tour Malang packages from us do not rule out the possibility to customize our list of tour packages with what customers want. We will feel happy if the customer is also satisfied.

Other tour packages : 

Well, that was a review of traveling to Bromo and the tour packages, interesting right? So why bother anymore. Because now there is a solution. Immediately, use our services for the 2019 Bromo tour package.