Tips Visit Mount Bromo By Train From Jogja Or Surabaya

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Mount Bromo Tour by train from Jogja or Surabaya

Let’s plan your tour to Bromo using the train.Mount Bromo tour by train from Jogja or Surabaya. this is the cheapest, most fun, free of traffic, on time, no fraud, no lie, From all transportation, train is one of the most effective and desirable. Because, the ease and the price is relatively cheaper.

To support comfort, it’s a good idea to avoid ordering tickets during the holiday season or peak season if possible. Usually at this time, ticket prices will be far more expensive and difficult to obtain due to passenger density.

The interesting thing when taking a train is the scenery that was once in the city into green rice fields or villages
So that your vacation is economical, you should try using a train. For those who like to picnic, travel, determine the type of transportation to take it to the destination is the most important thing. Well for locations that are not too far away, land transportation is the right choice, besides being economical, you can also see the sights during the trip.

Well, the anti-traffic land transportation is a train.Free of traffic: Actually, the plane is also free of traffic jams, but the ticket prices are exorbitant, compared to taking a bus that is prone to traffic jams, especially locations that pass through big cities and traveling during the day.

To support your next tour and travel convenience from probolinggo train station we offer several tour packages as follows:

Train Schedule

Name of Train:
Sri Tanjung ( Jogja-Surabaya-Probolinggo )

  • Leave: 07.00 am from Jogja.
  • Leave: 14.00 pm from Surabaya
  • Arrived: 16.15 pm at Probolinggo.

Logawa ( Jogja-Surabaya-Probolinggo )

  • Leave: 08.57 am from Jogja
  • Leave: 15.30 pm from Surabaya.
  • Arrived: 17.15 pm at Probolinggo.

Ranggajati ( Jogja-Surabaya-Probolinggo )

  • Leave: 09.56 am from Jogja.
  • Leave: 16.15 pm from Surabaya.
  • Arrived: 18.15 pm at Probolinggo

Tawang alun ( malang- Probolinggo )

  • Leave: 16:05 pm from Malang
  • Arrive: 18:50 pm at Probolinggo

PROGRAM 1 ( Bromo Transport )

  1.  Pick up from Probolinggo train station ( depending on the train being boarded )
  2.  Private Car with AC, experienced driver.
  3.  1 car content 4 persons.
  4.  One hour drive from probolinggo train station drop to any hotel at bromo.


  • 2 persons —— rp 150.000 /person
  • 3 persons —— rp 100.000/person
  • 4 persons —— rp 75.000/person

Cost is not including entrance fee at Mt Bromo national park.

PROGRAM 2 ( Bromo Sunrise Tour )
Day 1.

  1.  Pick up from probolinggo train station ( depending on the train being boarded )
  2.  One hour drive to the hotel
  3.  Check in hotel
  4.  Free Program

Day 2.

  1.  03.00. Sunrise tour by jeep to view point or ( kingkong hill, Love hill )
  2.  See Sunrise
  3.  See views of Mount Bromo
  4.  See Mount Semeru
  5. See Mount Batok.
  6. Back to the jeep.
  7. Go to Mount Bromo with a jeep.
  8. Drive through the sand sea.
  9. Walk about 30 minutes from jeep parking to the steps of Mount Bromo.
  10. See crater,see view and take picture.
  11. Back to the hotel
  12. Have a breakfast
  13. Clean up,Packing,Take rest.


  •  2 persons —— rp 600.000 /person
  • 3 persons —— rp 450.000/person
  • 4 persons —— rp 375.000/person


  •  Transport service from Probolinggo Train station-drop to the hotel.
  •  Hotel,guesthouse or homestay with private bathroom, hot shower,and breakfast.
  •  Shuttle Jeep to view point (Mt. Penanjakan)+Bromo+ back to hotel.
  •  Entrance fee national park at bromo.


  • Train ticket.
  • Dinner.
  • Horse riding
  • Insurance


Payment can be done after checking in the hotel.