Schedule: Mount Bromo Backpacker And Solo Traveler From Probolinggo

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This is one of Indonesia´s most breathtaking sights. Among the major peaks in Indonesia, Mt. Bromo is located 2 392 meters above sea level. Mt. Bromo is part of Tengger – Semeru National Park. The steaming cone of Bromo stands in a sea of ashen, volcanic sand and it is surrounded by the towering cliffs of the crater´s edge. There are some peaks in this national park. Mt. Semeru is the highest peak and also one of the most active volcanoes.

Mt. Bromo is reachable by walking down the crater wall and across the desert for about 3km to the slopes of Bromo.
After passing 253 steps, the steaming, sulfurous guts of the volcano can be seen from the lip of the crater. Instead of walking down, riding a horse is another alternative to reach the crater.

But don´t miss the best views and photographs of the entire Bromo landscape, with Gunung Semeru puffing away on the horizon.

It can be seen from the Mt. Penanjakan viewpoint, the west part of Mt. Bromo. Most people get up at 03.30 AM and use a jeep to climb up and see the beautiful sunrise from this point.
After sunrise, the jeep heads back down the steep lip of the crater for Mount  Bromo.

How to get to Mount Bromo from Train station

Below is the Trains timetable for Yogyakarta to Surabaya by train, Surabaya to Probolinggo by train,
Malang to Probolinggo by train and Yogyakarta to Probolinggo by train. You can visit the official Indonesia Rail Company website to book your train ticket online.
Make sure to book your ticket early and be at the train station 30 minutes before your departure time (well… I usually arrive at the train station 30 minutes before,
but I always print my ticket first, for example, one day before departure).

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Name of Train:

Sri Tanjung ( Jogja-Surabaya-Probolinggo).
Leave: 07.00 am from Jogja.
Leave 14.00 pm from Surabaya.
Arrived: 16.15 pm at Probolinggo.

Logawa ( Jogja-Surabaya-Probolinggo )
Leave: 08.57 am from Jogja.
Leave 15.30 pm from Surabaya.
Arrived: 17.15 pm at Probolinggo.

Ranggajati ( Jogja-Surabaya-Probolinggo )

Leave: 09.56 am from Jogja.
Leave 16.15 pm from Surabaya.
Arrived: 18.15 pm at Probolinggo.
Tawang alun ( malang- Probolinggo )
Leave: 16:05 pm from Malang.
Arrive at 18:50 pm at Probolinggo.

Probowangi (  Banyuwangi – Probolinggo.)
Leave: 13.50 pm from Banyuwangi.
Arrive at 18.54 pm at Probolinggo.

For your convenience and comfortable vacation, please arrange your train’s departure schedule with the next transport after arriving at Probolinggo station with us, there are many transport options to go to mount Bromo as below:
  • Public transport.
  • private car.
  • shuttle transport.
  • Package tour.

A.  Public Transport To Mount Bromo.

From  Probolinggo train station you can take  public Bemo (LYN G CITY) You can look for yellow Public transport  lyn G or D
in front of the train station, especially for public Bemo majors the train station to the bus terminal is Banyuangga.
Costs are Rp. 5000 / person. takes about 45 minutes, then from the bus terminal, you can take a public minibus to Ngadisari or Cemoro Lawang. minibus station in the direction of Cemoro Lawang is far to the south of the bus terminal Bayuangga.
Costs are Rp. 35,000 / person. This ordinary transport does not leave immediately. They still have to wait for a few other passengers to fill 15 people. It cannot be determined when they want to leave, depend on the contents of the existing passengers. Usually, they will leave if they are full. or if you want to quickly depart, you can negotiate with the driver for charter.
From Probolinggo to Cemoro lawang takes 2 hours by public minibus because they still stop taking passengers on the road. The operational time is from 07.00 – 14.00. the other options are Private car or shuttle transport.

B.  Private Car With Rental Car To Mount Bromo.

  • We will pick you up from Probolinggo Train  Station.
  • This transport is special for those who don’t want to wait a long time
  • Can leave anytime.
  • Takes 1-hour drop to the hotel at  Ngadisari or Cemoro Lawang.
  • Price rp 300.000/ Car ,contents: 1- 4  persons.
  • Not including entrance fee at Mt Bromo national park.

C.  Shuttle Transport Sharing To Mount Bromo.

  • Shuttle only departs at 7:00 pm. from the Probolinggo train station.
  • There are other customers in this transportation.
  • Takes 1-hour drop to the hotel at Ngadisari or Cemoro Lawang.
  • Price IDR: 35000/person.
  • Not including entrance fee at Mt Bromo national park.

D.  Mount Bromo Package Tour By Travel Agency.

Itinerary (Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour )

Day 1. Probolinggo – Cemoro Lawang ( Mount Bromo National Park )

  • Pick up from Probolinggo train station ( depending on the train being boarded )
  • One hour drive to the hotel
  • Check-in hotel
  • Free Program

Day 2. Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour – Probolinggo Stations

  • 03.00. Bromo Sunrise tour by a jeep to a viewpoint or ( king kong hill, Love hill )
  • SeeSunrise
  • See views of Mount Bromo
  • See Mount Semeru
  • See Mount Batok.
  • Back to the jeep.
  • Go to Mount Bromo with a jeep.
  • Drive through the sand sea.
  • Walkabout 30 minutes from jeep
  • parking to the steps of Mount Bromo.
  • See crater, sea view and take a picture.
  • Back to the hotel
  • Have a breakfast
  • Clean up, Packing, Take rest.

Price Mount Bromo Tour Package Probolinggo 2019

  • 2 persons —— IDR 600.000 /person
  • 3 persons —— IDR 450.000/person
  • 4 persons —— IDR 375.000/person


  • Transport service from Probolinggo train station-drop to the hotel.
  • Hotel, guesthouse or homestay with private bathroom, hot shower, and breakfast.
  • Shuttle Jeep to the viewpoint (Mt.Penanjakan)+Bromo+ back to the hotel.
  • Entrance fee national park at Bromo.


  • Train ticket.
  • Dinner.
  • Horse riding
  • Insurance


Please contact us before arrive at Probolinggo,Payment can be done after checking in the hotel